Typeface Tracing

TracingFor this exercise, I traced Adobe Garamond, Didot, and Helvetica. Even though Garamond and Didot are both serif, there are immense differences. The most noticeable is the differences in line weights. Didot is composed of a mix of very thick lines and very thin ones whereas Garamond has more moderate weighting. Additionally, letters in Didot are generally very upright—the stems are at ninety degree angles to the base line. Garamond has bracketed serifs, which meant that I had to trace over both edges of the serif whereas Didot’s serifs are only straight lines.

Finally, tracing Helvetica was completely different. The typeface has no serifs, but the line widths are all equal. Thus, tracing the outline was like drawing parallel curves whereas in the serif fonts, the lines had subtle differences that made them non-parallel.

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