A6 2nd Draft


Volunteer Page


Main Page


I spent most of my time revising the volunteer page. I still need to work on the footer. I’m also trying to update the design of the main page to be more like the volunteer page.


One comment

  1. Hey,
    I feel like nit picky things are always the most useful when you’ve already got a pretty good design (hope it doesn’t sound annoying / you might have done these on purpose)

    volunteer page
    Hero text could highlight important words
    Search bar input has no bounding layer, might make it hard to see
    Might want to put the mag. glass closer
    Map tooltips might look better with a different hue, maybe more matte like the footer on the main
    No footer below map? Might help user know where to stop
    Location header feels a little dangly. Potentially float map left and explain waypoints right
    Increase margin-top above 3 icons
    Gradient feels funny, maybe try layering over bottom of the hero picture
    “When you read…” might be too similar size wise to hero text

    main ( sweet )
    Not sure how it would look, but it might be cool to put an opaque blur behind the hero text
    Random, probably impractical idea, but it would be cool to weave in event times as a page #s
    Horizontal layout for footer might make it more footer like, add to volunteer pg?

    The first example if you search blurring is what I meant to make the text clear.

    For the paper effect, it could be cool to do something like this

    Real good though, I like the consistent orange underline for the nav.


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