I spent most of my time revising the volunteer page. I still need to work on the footer. I’m also trying to update the design of the main page to be more like the volunteer page.  

This is a draft of my redesign of RIF Pittsburgh’s website. I tried to redesign to target potential volunteers by making buttons such as “Volunteer”, “Donate”, and “Learn more” be more visible. I’m not too sure about whether or not the design of the calendar flows well with the rest of the page.

For this assignment, we were asked to duplicate the following web page, while making good use of groups for different layers such as the header, footer, and body.    

For our A6 project, we are redesigning a nonprofit website to help ensure that the organization’s goals are better met. I decided to work on Reading Is Fundamental – Pittsburgh, a local branch of a national initiative to provide children with the resources to develop a life-long love of reading. RIF Pittsburgh works with the […]

The following are the spreads from my current draft of my A5 project. After meeting with my instructors, I plan on focusing the content more clearly, which means taking out some things and reorganizing the project. Right now, the format is a 5x5in book, but during the meeting, we discussed the possibility of a 24in […]

Today in class, we were asked to illustrate a fuzzy animal of our choice. Here’s my result and the original image.

My idea is to create a book that gives an overview of the Fermi Paradox. In a nutshell, the Fermi Paradox is as follows: The apparent size and age of the universe suggest that many technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations ought to exist. However, this hypothesis seems inconsistent with the lack of observational evidence to support […]

Graphic designer, writer, curator, and educator Ellen Lupton came to Carnegie Mellon last week to give a guest lecture, “Your brain on typography.” She talked about a variety of topics concerning design and type. She even made points about humor and storytelling. But I think the most intriguing part of the talk was her section […]

The purpose of this exercise was to represent an English idiom using only text and modified text. I went for something sweet and simple—”once in a blue moon.” Futura medium was ideal for this design because it is geometric. This means letters with ‘o’ shapes contain perfect circles, such as the lowercase ‘o’. Thus, it […]

Modern typefaces, characterized by consistently horizontal stress, flat and unbracketed serifs, and a high contrast between thin and thick strokes, were the final step in typography’s two-hundred-year journey away from calligraphy. In the late eighteenth century the style was perfected, and became forever associated with two typographic giants: in Parma, Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813), and in […]